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 NEW  RCD Sculptures Available at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar 2022 

"Mr. Funky Goes Dancing"         7.5 "H        
This is a fun little guy. He's sassy and fun to look at. He's dancing and doing his funky thing!

I made this fellow in a series of works that I am still in. Most have bird heads, most are doing something cool and all are happy. I don't do unhappy.

I can ship any piece anywhere. You pay actual shipping cost only. I personally guarantee safe arrival on all my babies!


"Wizard's Best Friend"   
  9  "H     
Ricky Charles and Don White team up again on this wonderful series of pieces, "Wizard's Best Friend" 
Don White is the White Wizard. He's made these wonderful wizard sculptures for 50 years. He makes each piece for me to add the 'Best Friend' dragon to. They are melted together at 4500 degrees. A very cool and natural collaboration.



"Yell It To The Roof Top"
  9" H        
This piece yells out to be look at and admired. Another in this crazy and wild series. He just screams confidence!

This piece does a great job of showing the action and expression I strive to capture in these little guys! As with all of my pieces, this fellow is a one of a kind. I never replicate works. I just keep moving forward. The colors I chose for this guy are exciting and bright, and not too much at the same time. 


10 "H        

This is a way cool piece! I was in the zone and deep down my rabbit hole when I made it. If I don't nail it on a piece I trash it. My worst nightmare is having a ugly piece out there I could never get back. Sometimes though, among the nice pieces, sometimes one is just the piece of the week, or month for me. This is that piece.

"Mesmerize" is a very peaceful piece.  Again with the confidence, but very serene. This piece would be great with candles and incense  around it. It's hard to capture my works in pictures and even harder with words. But, truth be told when "Mesmerize" is gone I will miss him more than most! 

IMG_4071 (2).JPG

  7  "H        

Swing is a cool piece! Really a fun spirit and just a ton of motion! Almost all my work is about motion! When I finished this piece I leaned back and admired the motion I had caught. As I mentioned above when a piece doesn't read motion and fun no one ever sees it. It goes in the hole never to be seen by eyes other than mine and I try to forgot I ever saw it too. The piece is the exact opposite of that. This guy is trucking and it's a beautiful day in his neighborhood!  

The eagle bird head really makes this guy a demanding personality! Focused and together. And wherever he's going you know he will get there. 


"Bearer Of Gifts"   
  8  "H        


IMG_4334 (3).JPG

"Liz"   the series
  9  "H     

This is a new series "Liz" I'm having a lot of fun with! This is the first from that series!


IMG_4334 (2).JPG

"Balance"  *"H


balance 2.jpg

"Man With Stick"  
  14 "H     


balance 1.png

"Balance"  #2   the series
  14 "H     



""  #2      


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