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                               ABOUT  THE RCD MUSIC SHOW
                                TEXAS SINGER SONGWRITERS
The RCD SHOW came into existence about ten years ago. The neighborhood I live in is almost all musicians. A lot of singer song writers among them. I started the show with people from the neighborhood. We broadcast on YouTube at that time. Quickly I was being contacted by groups and single artists from all over the state wanting to be on the show. We grew from there. Many well-known artists frequent the show which is fun and great!  We only seek out and accept artists with original tunes. No canned music. Our show was picked up by a local radio station for a few years. Now we do a show every month or two. 

A great little FB group spun off the show. Texas Singer-Songwriters Place.  We have over 2000 members. Songwriters come to show off and share their new songs. Sometimes at a gig and sometimes sitting on their bed. It's also a great place to get the latest on who is playing where in Texas and where the best open mics are. It's a very relaxed atmosphere! It's a great way to keep up with what's going on in the Texas singer-songwriter scene.
And for just the tunes from Texas singer-songwriters, we created TEXAS ORIGINAL TUNES.  
Click below and join us. 

Texas Singer Songwriter's Place 
Texas Original Tunes

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