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I was a the right place at the right time. Watching Slim Bawb Pearce playing at Gruene Hall and watching Mark Nelson paint the band like magic.  It was cool.


It's always a hoot when Graham Warwick stops by. He's a hoot!

Dan Pickens and his son Walker came out to my woods and we just had a blast!

Walker Pickens on
Walker drops by the woods alone from time to time.

Shawn Bayly Returns to
The RCD SHow and he is something to watch.   

ETHAN ENDICOTT comes to the RCD Radio SHOW! 


BEAR come to the RCD radio show and as always is just on fire. Bear's one of the sweetest onn the planet.  

Cindy Pitts drop by the woods and played some f her cool tunes. She's always got something new. 

I have a stage in my glass shop. Lights and all. From time to time at night I'll bust into a tune between pieces and one night this came out

The amazing GEORGE ENSLE

JIMBRO LUTZ came to my woods and played the way on he can!

George Ensle, Elliott Rogers and Mike Fowler
all join me on my radio show! Such Fun

Return to THE RCD SHOW

A little more Joe Arabie

Shawn Bayly comes to the radio show.

NICK PAGE drops by the show!

another George Ensle, Elliott Rogers and
Mike Fowler moment

on my radio show.

  David Touchton & Ment Morris
         The Nowhere Band
come to the show! They are both hoots! 

Georg Ensle returns to the show!

CINDY PITTS returns to the show!

Bob Tom Reed appeared on the first RCD SHOW! Blame everything after that on him. 

Dillon Havins practicly grew up on THE RCD SHOW. He was on 5 times over the years. This was his first appearance at 14 years old. I love this kid.

SCOOTER PEARCE returns to the show!

Sam Willey

PATTY FINNEY returns to the show

      Bill McNeal A True Texas Talent!

         "Six Shots In The Head" One of my oldies.

"Six Times In The Head"


Meet Noah Peterson  "The Sax Man"

Scooter Pearce has been on the show 5 times ver the years.

Patty Finney is a regular on the show. 


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