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Welcome to my Sculpture Showcase!

To the right is one of my latest works!.  I have a very cool new line of mini sculptures! Check them out! Available now!
As I make new works this is where you will see them first. 
Below are some of my favorites sculptures from over the years. Most are in private collections around the globe. All are one of a kind, each bearing it's own title. 

The fact that I work this way keeps my mind active. I allow each piece to guide me to the next. Sometimes, I plan out a piece, but not often. As a general rule I work on the fly, meaning I allow the images to flow freely through my mind. When I see a good one I snag it and take off.  I do not know where the images come from. They are just there. 

"Robotics" 18"H 1989 RCD

"Robotics" 18"H

This is a totally cool piece. It has a very technical feeling about it! Lots of detail work on this one. It has a serious, yet fun feeling about it.  The face is a magnifying lens. 

 "Chasing The Answer"
28" H
Mounted in Texas Fossil stone.
This is one of my all time favorite pieces.
It's just so free and full of energy. This is one of the only images I recreate often!

I allowed each piece to guide me to the next one. They took between 20 and 50 hours each to make. When I worked I was in a zone where I could access my most inner thoughts and crystallize them into reality. Most of these pieces are all in private collections. It's like bits and pieces of my soul are spread all over the planet. I like that. RCD

"Shapes in Time" 28 " H

This piece has always spoke to me. It is one of the only pieces I still own. It deals with emotions and feelings I had at the time. I'm probably  the only person who will ever understand what these pieces represent, but that's the nature of  art. I leave it to whoever buys it to feel what they will. 

In Love" 18" H

I love this piece, no pun intended. Sometimes a piece just reads exactly what I was after. What I was wanting to say. Here I just wanted to explore love. The love I had for my wife, my child, my life. Just love at the core. To me I hit it on this piece. 

"Animated Conversation 2"
This was a complex sculpture to make. It's composed of large flattish areas I cut from big tube. All annealed and put together one piece at a time. When it was complete I then sand blasted the form and painted it with inks and acrylics.
"Sun Plant" 14"H
"Cat Tails And Dragonflies" 9"H

Every now and then I have to do some of my old 'realism' pieces, just to make sure I remember how! haha


"In Love" 18" H RCD

"RCD Magic Equipment #23-A" 18" W - For a few years i made wands and other  magic equipment. This is a wand lying in a glass cradle. My wife Cheryl Elms then wove a wire 'nest' of sorts. Cheryl and I collaborated a lot on sculptures over the years.

"Fly Free" 22" H   

This was a piece I reproduced several times over the years. It's the single best selling image I ever made in the big works.

"Fly Free" 18"H
This was a piece that I really enjoyed making. It has such a free spirit about it and is just easy and fun to look at. 

"Circus Of Color" 18" H

This was a fun piece. It was chosen to be on a record cover for a Kansas City Blues Band. It's somewhere in Arizona I think. 

I made several works a lot like this. It's fun to combine small human forms together into a large work, creating a story of sorts.

"Phone Home" 14" H   RCD & Cheryl Elms

This is a collaboration between Cheryl Elms, my wife and I.

She used woven wire and telephone parts to complete this work.
"Juggle" 18" H    RCD
"Bearer Of Gift # 3    19" H   RCD
"Bearer of Gifts #3 28"H
"Useless  Basket 2"
Now this was a complicated piece to do. There are a lot more components that you  can see in this picture. The hands were me favorite to make. This is a piece that took at least 30 hours to make. It was in my shop for at least a month or more. I get very attached to a piece when I see them every day for so long. Sometimes it's hard to let go of some works. 
"Stage Of My Mind" 22" H RCD

This was a cool piece to make. It sits on a  12" X 5" X 1" chipped base. The backing is tubes filled by my wife with assorted materials and topped by a sun. An arch dawned by the sun  surrounds a humanoid figure holding two colored orbs. Although it's a little hard to read in a photo, in person it's imagery is quite effective and thought provoking. 

"Balance" 16"H RCD
Here again we see this humanoid figure holding to colored orbs.

Gazing Ball 

10" H

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